RF Eater - The Smart Power Meter and Dummy Load

Power Meter

  • Wide bandwidth 10MHz to 6GHz
  • 45 dB Dynamic Range -15 to +30 dBm
  • Resolution 0.1dB
  • Accuracy - ± 1dB for ≤25dB input. ± 2dB for >25dB input.
  • VSWR – better than 1.6:1 to 6GHz
  • Frequency compensation – selectable
  • Peak Power Detector – Pulsed or CW
  • LCD display - backlit. (Standard version only)
  • Power display -  in dBm and Watt
  • Simple operation – one button
  • No calibration required- plug and use
  • Small and robust – in toolbox or pocket
  • RP SMA socket
  • Mini USB 2.0 serial port for data logging, automation and firmware updates.
  • Powered by USB or three batteries (Light version is USB only)
  • Automatic power off to save batteries (Standard version only)
  • Histogram – last 60 seconds or 10 minutes
  • Low cost

Dummy Load

  • Built in, protects connected equipment from reflections
  • Maximum input power 33 dBm – 2 W
  • Continuously Connected Load – even if Power Meter is switched off

Typical Applications

  • Telemetry and remote metering
  • Speech & video & Alarms
  • RF sniffer fitted with an antenna
  • Building automation
  • WiFi, ZigBee, Mesh Networks, M2M
  • PleInternet Of Things


Please contact us for availability and options.

The perfect tool for the technician on the go that needs to quickly and accurately check output power of transmitters used in wireless systems. As a development aid the RF EATER acts as a dummy load for transmitters under development or repair, and simultaneously measures RF power. This simple to use RF meter is a great alternative to very expensive Radio Test Sets.

The RF Eater is for any person who needs to test or operate wireless transmitters or systems in their course or their work, such as service technicians, software developers, manufactures, hardware programmers, and installation technicians.

The new and improved version features a built in USB connection for easier desktop use.

RF Eater Standard (RFM102)

The standard version is a portable, easy to use power meter that instantly displays the output power of a connected device. This is the one to get for service and installation work.



RF Eater Light (RFM112)

The Light version features the same measuring capabilities as the Standard version but comes without the display and batteries. With the lower price this is the one to have on your desktop.

Download the free PC Software below to use your computer as a display.




RF Eater PC Software

 The RF Eater PC Software is free to download and use. It supports all models and can be used display measurement values on a bigger screen as well as to update the RF Eater when new features become available.

The installer comes bundled with FTDI's drivers and the latest RF Eater firmware.