The Concept

  • Low startup costs
  • Short leadtimes
  • Flexible component sourcing
  • Flexible workflow, multiple variants in one batch
  • Review of design documents, BOM etc.
  • Report after completed job, suggestions for improvements etc.
  • Cabling prototypes, help with mechanical parts.

Printed Circuitboards

As a complement to our development services we are also able to offer assembly of printed circuitboards. In our facilities with new equipment for surface and through hole mounting we produce circuitboards in small to medium series and prototypes.
We have the competence and equipment to offer high quality manufacturing with short lead times. Since our personnel work with design and production under one roof, we can suggest improvements to the design to optimize for production. Thus reducing over all costs and improving quality for the customer.
Most jobs are a mix of surface mount and through hole mount components on one or both sides. We mount components as small as 0402 and 0.5mm fine pitch. 


Complete Supply Chain

Our goal is to work closely with the customer and in many cases we take care of everything from ordering circuitboards and components to assembly, testing  and packaging. We also make cable assemblies, design mecanichal parts and mount parts in enclosures, all according to the customers specifications.

We have good global and local contacts and always strive to offer the highest quality and good value for our customers.


Prototype budget example

5-boards, ca 100 components per boards, SMT and TH mixed.

Estimated total cost for sourcing, assembly and inspection is ca 3000kr.
Paste stencil for surface mount 850kr.
Materials and shipping not included.

Don't hesitate to send an email with your design files to get a quote. We gladly do small and large series!

Fast prototyping

For prototyping we can design a two-layer board, order components and assemble in just a few days. This gives high reliability and is usually also cheaper that point to point soldered vero-boards. 

Rework and programming

Let us do your rework jobs like replacing ICs, pathcing or PCB repair.

In our well-equipped lab we also offer many kinds of testing and programming of your products.