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Idea to design

We have extensive experience in developing mixed digital and anlog systems.

Bring your idea and let us tailor a solution that fits your project. We are not afraid of thinking outside the box and like unorthodox solutions.

We have a well-equipped electronics lab. For PCB-CAD we use Altium Designer with libraries customized for production.


Signals not arriving? Bits getting lost? Blue smoke escaping? We have the experience and equipment to troubleshoot and improve small and large projects.

Test and programming equipment

Our support doesn't end with the development. We can help create specialized solutions for test and programming and integrate into the production chain.


CE, FCC, ETSI. Several products we have developed have needed some kind of certification. We offer our experience at the design stage and will help prepare your product for testing. We work with several testing labs covering most areas.


Previous projects

have among other things included:

  • uC based control systems with real time requierements
  • PC software for user interface and logging
  • High current and high voltage switching
  • Medical safety requirements
  • Radio communication
  • Analog measaurement systems
  • Signal integrity solutions in noisy environments
  • Control systems with actuators and motors
  • Temperature sensoros and control